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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tyrone Wells

Tyrone Wells' song "Remain" really ministered to me today. Here are the lyrics:

You feel the earth shake, you’ve never felt safe. Nothing stays the same, at all. I will remain. When everything changes and you think of the faces that all slipped away. I will remain. Afraid of the let down. You say I won’t stick around. You say people are made of glass and dust. But I will remain. I will remain……Feel my hands on your face. Look to the north star, see where the canyons are. Rest your head on my heart endlessly. I will remain. When everything changes, this truth will stay ageless. I’ll carve my name. I will remain…

You can listen to his songs here:
His new CD is out on iTunes and will be in stores next month. I actually love every song on it and that is a rare thing! You can preview it here:

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