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Monday, November 29, 2010

Lisa's wedding

I have been meaning to post this for months now!! This was an exciting summer for our family. Our baby sister (a cousin who is more like a sister than a cousin), Lisa, got married!

Our extremely talented friend, Mandev Sidhu, photographed the wedding. Mandev (we call him "Sid") is one of the nicest people I know.  He even learned to play the dhol (Indian drums) for Lisa's wedding.  It was awesome.  All of us in the wedding party walked out to Sid playing the dhol.  The picture above is one my favorites from that day. If you know Lisa, you know by the look on her face just how happy she is. He captured that so beautifully!

To see more of his pictures from Lisa’s wedding:

To check out the rest of Mandev’s work, go here:

I still remember waking up on December 12, 1984… it was snowing and my dad had gone over to my aunt and uncle’s house to watch Lisa’s two older brothers while my aunt and uncle were at the hospital delivering Lisa Baby. I was 8 years old. I remember getting to hold her when she got home from the hospital. I remember how we all used fight over who got to hold her and we loved to play with her. Then she grew up a little and we grew up a little. She used to follow us around, wanted to be included in the games we played, and wanted to be like us. And then she became a teenager. We would try to talk to her about life and she would just give us one word answers. We were not cool enough for her then. :) And then at some point, the age gap seemed to get smaller. We became more like friends—hanging out regularly, laughing together, and talking about the deep things of life. We have always had a bond like sisters do. Sisters know us like no other. Whenever my sister Nisha, Lisa and I play the board game Taboo with the guys in our family, the guys just hate the fact that we can guess what the other is thinking with just a one word clue. Our husbands roll their eyes at how silly and loud we can all be when the three of us get together—they don’t always get our inside jokes. We have also had our share of fights and disagreements, and some of those have lasted longer than others of those. No matter what though, we will always have a bond. I will always want the highest good for my little sister. I have learned so much about love and faith from her and through our relationship.

Nisha and I gave a speech at her wedding. This is an excerpt from what I said:

Owen, in Lisa you have found a rare soul. Lisa can be quiet, calm and easy going, and she can be silly, and passionate, and a barrel of laughs. Lisa is intelligent and witty. She is a deep thinker. She is not afraid to ask tough questions about the deep things of life. She is beautiful writer. She has an amazing way with children. Lisa feels deeply about the people she loves. I have seen Lisa in some of her most painful days—she is real, asks tough questions, and wrestles with God. And yet she acknowledges God’s goodness and glory in the midst. I have also seen Lisa in some of her most joyous times—radiating joy & peace, and having a generous spirit that wants those she loves to experience that joy too. Owen, yes, you might have to eat eggo waffles and potstickers for the rest of your life, but with Lisa you will laugh till your stomach hurts, you will experience your heart swell with love for her beyond what you could believe (because that is her effect on people), and you will see in increasing measure how good, and loving, and sovereign our God is to have a blessed you with a woman who is so uniquely equipped to help you grow in the grace and love of Jesus.
This is the video put together by the talented videographer/DG Craig Nisperos

Lisa & Owen - Let's Do This from Craig Nisperos on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

aw, bina. this is so good. your words are always so good. you convey your love so well. and a picture! glug. so perfect and sweet. art of your heart.

joseph said...

This was so sweet! Sometimes I forget that you were one day holding Lisa in your arms as a baby, and now you embrace as sisters.

And for the record, Nisha is your Taboo MVP. She is a freak in that game who can rack up like 20 points in one sitting. Also, Lisa actually learned to cook more than Eggo Waffles and potstickers now. Yay. :)

KatieBabie said...

so sweet bina... im am almost crying!! :) I am glad I am kinda a sister now.... i was gonna say I wish I grew up with you guys, but then that would have been weird if I married Joe and he thought I was his sister too! :)

Lisa said...

Sooo soo sweet beans! Tears! I love it! I love you!

Lisa said...


Sid said...

Wow, that was an amazing post! Very sweet words!