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Monday, December 6, 2010

Shutterfly Promotion

Attention all bloggers, Shutterfly is running a promotion where bloggers who write a two hundred word blog about Shutterfly can get 50 free photo cards. Shutterfly is an online company where you can create cards and photo gifts and have them delivered to your home.  Shutterfly has a great variety of photo cards.  You can take a look here:   You can also make personalized photo related Christmas gifts there as well, like a desk calendar:  or a gift mug: .  I have always loved to receive photo cards each Christmas, and I can never bring myself to throw any of them away.  I love seeing the smiling faces of friends and family each day in my kitchen when I look at my refrigerator.  While I love receiving these cards, I have never ordered photo cards myself. Our friend, Sid, took some shots of Kristian and me so that we could do our first photo cards.  Kristian and I will have been married for 8 years in August.  I think we always felt funny about sending photo cards because we don’t have kids.  But this year we decided to anyway because, after all, we are still a family. 

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Abbey said...

Bina, your cards and letter were beautiful and powerful...Thank you for sending it to us! I love having pictures of family on my fridge and it gives me the opportunity to praise the Lord for how blessed I am to be in His family and have friends like you... I so appreciate how you communicated the gospel in both the card and the letter... Merry Christmas!