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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

He is faithful

I just got back from an awesome women's Bible study.  I'll probably post more about it later when I am not so tired.  But I did want to record my gratitude and awe at how kind God is.  Yesterday I read Psalm 1 and was reminded how much being in the Word is like having my thirst quenched.  Without God's Word, I feel aimless and dry.  Psalm 1 describes being in God's Word as being like a tree planted by streams of water that yields fruit in its season and whose leaf does not wither.  That was so powerful for me.  I have not been in the Word like I used to be, and I have felt dry and lifeless and fruitless.  I have been more susceptible to believing lies and not being able to see the truth.  I have been depressed and isolated.  I have been cynical.  I have been discouraged by what my eye can see because I have forgotten the unseen hope that I life for.  It is interesting because I have had times in my life where circumstantially I was going through difficult things and yet God seemed more real and bigger to me-- I could see powerful glimpses of His glory.  In those times, I feasted on His Word and I was pouring my heart out in prayer.  Despite the fact that I have neglected the Word and prayer in this season of life, God is so faithful to me.  He was faithful to speak to me when I started reading Psalm 1, reminding me that these ancient and familiar words were as relevant to my life as ever.  He was faithful to speak to me tonight at Bible Study about truth and lies and bondage and freedom.  He was faithful to allow me to feel His presence--the warmth and supernatural power of His Spirit.  He has been faithful to me to provide a few people who have been there for me and spoken truth to me.  He has been faithful to bless me with an amazing trip to Italy with my husband and all the sweet memories of those days in the sun with My Love.  He has been faithful to empower me to do a 9 day juice fast that left me feeling energized and encouraged.  He is faithful to me to seek me out like the wandering sheep that I am.  I need Him to pursue me and He does!  His faithfulness brings me deep joy and contentment and wonder and praise and hope!!

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Nisha said...

ah. i love this post. so happy to hear, beans. you're an inspiration.