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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Shout Out

I just wanted to say thanks for all your prayers and help during these several weeks where Kristian and I have been apart. The Lord has been so faithful to provide for us in every way in this challenging time! God willing, Kristian's project in Alaska will be complete tomorrow, so he is scheduled to fly out of Alaska tomorrow afternoon! Please pray that things would go smoothly with the project, that he would get the flight he is hoping to get, that the weather would cooperate and not cause any delays, and that he would be home safe and sound tomorrow night. I am very much looking forward to being reunited with my beloved!

I want to give a special thanks to Luke, Emmi, and Owen who have fed Slash the fish, mowed the lawn, taken out the trash, helped with my car and home repairs, etc. I want to thank Lisa for being a great roommate. I want to thank our family and friends who have prayed, called, e-mailed, written, and kept me company. I want to thank Grace Fellowship for the friendship, encouragement, and loving prayers.

Through all of you, we have been showered with tremendous love--the very love of Christ.

Dear Lord, Thank you for your faithfulness to us. It blows me away. I do not deserve your great kindness, and yet you make a point of showing it to me everyday! Thank you for teaching us more about yourself, even through difficulty. Thank you for creating in us more joy in you, even through pain. It is all worth it. Thank you for your love that surpasses my sin. Thank you for these dear ones that you have placed in our lives. Please bless them abundantly for their service to us, which is really service to you. I praise you and commit this next season of life and whatever it brings into your more than able hands--may it bring you much glory! In Jesus Name, Amen


Anonymous said...

i failed you on the splinter. yay for k being home!!

Anonymous said...

that picture KILLS me. I love it! 25 points!!

Rachel said...

Praying for Kristian's safe and quick return. Yay!