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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Kristian taught an amazing class last year called “Glorious Joy” at Mars Hill Church in Seattle. He and my cousin Emmi have a blog with the same name (see my sidebar for the link). The class hugely impacted my faith. Last Sunday, our pastor, Pastor Scott Golike, preached a wonderful sermon that discussed some of the themes that came up in Kristian’s Glorious Joy class (the Holy Spirit, our need to be filled with the Spirit continually, the concept of being an authentic Spirit-filled Biblical community, etc.).

It is definitely worth listening to:
(If you do get a chance to listen, feel free to post your thoughts about it in the comments section of this post.)
Kristian missed the sermon on Sunday because of all the craziness at work, but I know he’ll be on the edge of his seat when he listens to the mp3! Really good stuff.

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