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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy 33rd Birthday Kristian! Here Are 33 Random Reasons Why I Love The Guy...

1) He loves the Lord with all his heart, mind, soul, and strength.

2) He is the simplest and most complicated person I know.

3) He is wicked smart. Watching him debate is both sexy and infuriating at times.

4) He is the most sincere and loyal person I have ever met.

5) He does not hesitate to admit his shortcomings and sin. He does not sugarcoat his sin. He does not sugarcoat anything.

6) He sings in my ear.

7) He loves at great cost to himself

8) He takes responsibility at great cost to himself.

9) He is an introvert who loves to talk.

10) He is the most manly man I know, and he is the most tenderhearted man I know.

11) He makes the best steak I have ever tasted.

12) He plays the guitar by ear and from the heart (what girl can resist that?!).

13) He can be the silliest person ever with me.

14) He is childlike.

15) He works hard.

16) He is intellectually honest.

17) He is adorably predictable.

18) He has a gift of discernment when it comes to people and when it comes to testing things against Scripture.

19) He has a gift for preaching (even though he used to hate and fear public speaking prior to becoming a Christian!)

20) The corners of his eyes crinkle up when he smiles.

21) He has the best belly laugh when he thinks something is very funny. It is loud, body-convulsing, and tear-inducing. And he could be the only one who thinks something is funny, but people generally start laughing anyway because his reaction is so unexpected.

22) He feels deeply and is a passionate person.

23) He is amazing in crisis.

24) He is a protector, and he will fight to protect.

25) He is a great leader.

26) He is not afraid to speak the truth.

27) He wears his heart on his sleeve.

28) He is curious.

29) He is not afraid to go against the grain if it is the right thing to do.

30) I learn from him all the time.

31) He gives the best hugs and I love the feel of my hand in his.

32) He genuinely cares about people, and he lovingly and sacrificially invests in them.

33) He hungers and thirsts for God. He has tasted the gospel and the glory of God, and nothing else satisfies for him. The gospel transformation in his life upon conversion and everyday since is nothing short of breathtaking to me. It is one of the greatest testimonies to me of God’s existence, love, might, and supremacy.

*The photo is of Kristian playing with our sweet niece Shifa.


Emmanuel said...

This is awesome Bina!

Anonymous said...

34. He is not afraid of toothless women and their wife beater-clad drunken boyfriends.

35. He is a great person to go to with any of life's burning questions - unless they have to do with jungle boy. In that case, he just laughs at you.

36. I second the emotion that he is great in a crisis. He was the picture of strength when I accidentally baked my fish.

Rachel said...

What a great tribute!

Dwayne Forehand said...

Happy belated birthday!