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Thursday, February 19, 2009

"I Don't Like Wimpy Women!"

I have to confess that I pretty much hate working out (even though I am committed to it, as God has convicted me in recent years of my sin in not stewarding my health well). Today though, I actually ended up jogging longer on the treadmill than I ever have (don't ask me how long that was... it wasn't very long, but it was long for me). I credit God and John Piper for this accomplishment. I was so engrossed in listening on my iPod to an awesome sermon by John Piper that was delivered at the True Woman 2008 conference. In it, John Piper says among other things, "I don't like wimpy women!" (Uhh, I think I just confessed to being a wimp on the treadmill!)

His point is that Christian women ought to be strong in our theology, and consequently in our faith, in our love, in our endurance through trial, and in imaging the gospel of God's glorious grace!

His message inspired me in remembering the sacred meaning behind Christian womanhood and Christian marriage. But my favorite part was when Piper talked about the names that were "written before the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb who was slain" that is mentioned in Revelation 13. Moved by this Scripture, Piper went on to say:

"Before anything existed but God, Christ was crucified for sin that didn't exist anywhere in the universe--that's amazing...that's not wimpy and it doesn't produce wimpy women. It is staggering to think that God was planning the death and slaughter--that's the word "slain"--the slaughter of His Son before the universe was made! Why? Here's the other text--this Ephesians 1:5-6: 'In love, He predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ unto the praise of the glory of His grace"... and there isn't anything on the other side of that that's a means to anything, it isn't! When you arrive at the praise of the glory of the grace of God, you're home--that's it. There isn't anything beyond that. That is what the universe was made to do, to be. God was planning it such that the appex, the climax, the supreme expression of that grace would be the Son's purchase--at the cost of His life--of His wife, you and me."

Piper then beautifully connected (through Scripture) the gospel to marriage and to singlehood-- or rather, he connected marriage and singlehood to the gospel. This message left me freshly inspired and empowered to endeavor (by God's grace and through the Holy Spirit) to display the gospel to the world through Biblical Womanhood.

You can listen to or watch Piper's message here:

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Abbey said...

Very cool. I'm going to listen to it too! I admire that you have the treadmill to even get on it! Not sure where we'd put one, but it would sure help to have it inside on a frosty morning like this...